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Focus on:

  • Help companies maintain the necessary personnel both to cover unexpected vacancies (such as licenses and/or retirements of personnel) as well as to comply with acquired obligations (such as increases in work and/or production in their organization).


  • It allows to know candidates and their work, before hiring them directly and indefinitely.

  • It offers the flexibility that does not allow permanent contracting, by being able to continue with its services, beyond the trial periods.

Main advantage:

  • It is the only option for contracting legal personnel that allows the businessman to grow or decrease without the worry of having an indefinite responsibility in terms of his hiring.  


  • 25 years of service within a nationally regulated industry for more than half a century and represented by the Colombian Association of Temporary Services Companies - Acoset, a union of more than 600 legally constituted and affiliated companies.

Similing Team

National commercial team

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