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Thanks for trusting us! Remember that we don't charge any fee to find you a job!

We have various opportunities that are tailored to your profile, aptitudes, studies and experience. Our client companies are the ones who determine the conditions and skills of the candidates for each position.


Therefore we invite you to register your resume with us and consult job offers applied to your profile and experience. Likewise, if you have already worked with us, we invite you to periodically update your data to continue in our database and to aspire to the latest offers.


Finally remember that the necessary documents to apply are the following:

  • CV

  • Copy of your ID expanded to 150%

  • Copies of your diploma and bachelor's degree certificate

  • Copies of technical, technological and / or professional studies (if you have them)

  • Copies of labor certifications that support your experience.

In compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013 on the protection of personal data, Redes Humanas SA requires all its workers, ex-workers, clients, ex-clients, suppliers and ex-suppliers, whose personal data was collected prior to June 27, 2013, to continue with the treatment of the information registered in the database and physical files, Redes Humanas SA has a secure and reliable technological system, which prevents third parties from accessing the system , which ensures the confidentiality of the information. If you are interested in knowing, updating, rectifying your personal data or want to revoke the authorization to process the information, please send an email to

According to article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013, if after thirty (30) days, the owner of the information has not revoked the authorization, Redes Humanas SA may continue to process personal databases according to the purposes indicated in the Policy of Treatment of Personal Data, without prejudice to the power of the owner of the information to request at any time that their data be deleted

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